Program Overview

The Assessment Certificate Program (ACP) is a workshop-based program designed to provide training and support for faculty and staff engaged in the assessment of student learning.  This program is a collaboration between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs at DePaul University and is offered jointly by the following offices:

  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Institutional Research & Market Analytics
  • Office for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

This collaborat_MG_0401ion between academic and student affairs allows faculty and staff to interact with and learn from a wide variety of faculty and staff involved in many different aspects of student learning in higher education.  We believe that this interaction provides a richer experience for everyone involved.  Any faculty member, staff member, or student from DePaul is eligible to participate in either the entire Assessment Certificate Program or in individual workshops.

A brief online module that provides an overview to the ACP is available here.

Steps to Complete Certificate

Individuals wishing to receive an assessment certificate must take an introductory workshop and culminating workshop , plus four additional workshops of the participants’ choosing.  All certificate recipients will also need to propose and complete a culminating project of their choosing.  After registering for the ACP, participants have two years to complete the program.

  1. Register for the Assessment Certificate Program.
  2. Attend the online Introduction to Assessment workshop.*
  3. Attend four core assessment workshops based on your interests and needs.
  4. Propose and complete a culminating project based on your assessment interests and needs.
  5. Attend a final workshop to present and discuss your culminating project.
  6. Receive your Certificate
    * Please be aware that while it makes sense for you to take this workshop first, it is not required that you do so.

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