Culminating Projects


_MG_0042The culminating project is an opportunity for you to practice and apply what you have learned from your experiences in assessment workshops.  Participants in the Assessment Certificate Program (ACP) choose their own culminating projects based on their work with assessment within their own units.  Ideally, the culminating project will not be an “add on,” but will integrate with your current work within your courses, programs, departments, colleges, and/or institution.  We recommend you submit your culminating project proposal as early in the program as possible so the ACP planning group can work with you to ensure the project meets all critical elements.

Click here to view an online module that explains the culminating project as part of the broader ACP.

Critical Elements of Culminating Projects

As the culminating experience for the ACP, all culminating projects should incorporate four critical elements:

1. Relationship to assessment

This may seem obvious, but as the culminating experience for the ACP, culminating projects should relate to the assessment of student learning in higher education.

2. Tie to what you learned in assessment workshops

Since the culminating project allows you to practice and apply what you learned by participating in assessment workshops, there should be a clear tie between the workshops you attended and your culminating project.

3. Relevance to your work at your institution with assessment

Assessment is based on the principle that it is ongoing, relevant, and significant.  We mirror this principle in the culminating project of the ACP.  Just as assessment projects should not be insignificant, isolated “one off” projects, your culminating project should be important to you and your work at your institution.

4. Reflection

As a culminating experience for the ACP, your project should include an element of reflection – on what you learned in the program, how you are applying what you learned, and how your learning may be useful in your future work.

Selecting a Culminating Project

Because culminating projects should be relevant to your current and future work with your institution, we leave flexibility for you to  propose your own project.  Culminating projects are limited only by your imagination and adherence with the critical elements of a culminating project (listed above).

Culminating project proposals should follow one of the following formats:

  1. A new project completed by the time it is presented at the Culminating Workshop
    • The project could be on something that will be implemented in the future (e.g. creation of a program assessment plan or revision of existing learning outcomes)
    • Consider how your project addresses each of the critical elements of the culminating projects (see above)
  2. Reflect on an already completed assessment-related project, apply what you learned through the ACP, and submit revisions you would make to the past project
    • Consider what you learned in these workshops and how you might apply what you have learned to the past assessment-related project
    • What would you change/incorporate into your project that would add value to your courses, program, department, and/or institution

Ideas for potential culminating projects:

Work with an assessment project for the annual assessment project and report for your program, office, or department.

  • Consider taking on a leadership role
  • Reflect on and apply what you have learned through participation in workshops to inform decisions about the project and report

Create an assessment plan for your program, office, or department.

  • Use your expertise to help your unit plan for a future assessment project
  • Consider critical elements to the assessment process and how your unit’s project may address each

Write a reflection based on the workshops you participated in.

  • Consider what you learned in these workshops and how you might apply what you have learned to your courses, program, department, and/or institution
  • Reflect on your thinking about teaching, learning, and/or assessment; has anything changed based on what you learned?
  • Have you identified anything that would have added value to your experience?  Is there anything else that you would have liked to have learned during the workshops?

Create your own project based on your work with the assessment of student learning at your institution!

Examples of Culminating Projects

Examples of completed projects by recipients of assessment certificates:

  • Project 1  Comparison of students’ achievement of a learning outcome using three different course designs
  • Project 2  Creation of a process to assess learning in a community-based partnership program.
  • Project 3  Creation of a template for assessment in online courses.
  • Project 4 and Project 5 Assessment of  a Career Development Program.
  • Project 6 Development of a Process to Assess an Academic Fellowship Program.
  • Project 7 Taking a Leadership Role in an Annual Program Assessment Project and Report.
  • Project 8 Creation of a Needs Assessment for a College.
  • Project 9 Participating in Assessment at Internship at another University.
  • Project 10 Assessing Course Selection Advising Services

Propose a Culminating Project

Use the form below to propose a culminating project for the ACP.  You must be registered for the ACP prior to proposing a culminating project.  Participants can submit proposals at any time.  However, ACP Staff only reviews proposals and provides feedback once per month.  As such, only proposals submitted by the first of the month are guaranteed feedback by end of that same month.

**Please note, you must submit a culminating project proposal at least 4 weeks in advance of presenting your project at a culminating workshop.  This is to make sure you have adequate time to receive feedback on your proposal and make changes as appropriate.

Propose Project

Presenting Your Culminating Project

You will present your culminating project at the Culminating Workshop.  This is the final step in completing the Assessment Certificate Program!

Culminating Project Presentation Information


The format of your presentation is flexible.  A few examples of presentation types are:

  • A computer-based presentation, such as PowerPoint or Prezi
  • Paper handouts and an oral presentation
  • A video or other multimedia presentation format
  • An engaged/interactive presentation
  • Any other format that works best for conveying the information you would like to communicate


What should you include in your presentation?  While there is some flexibility in what you present, we do ask that you present, at minimum, the following elements:

  • A brief summary of the project that you completed, in enough detail that others attending your workshop can understand what your project was, why you chose the project you did, the methodology you used, the results of your project and how you plan to use the information you learned from your project in the future.
  • An explanation of how your project met each of the essential components of the culminating project:
    • Relationship to Assessment
    • Tie to what you Learned in Assessment Workshops
    • Relevance to your Work at your Institution
    • Reflection