Get Involved

The value in the Assessment Certificate Program (ACP) is shaped by your participation!  There are multiple opportunities for you to get involved with the ACP.  The primary method is to join the Assessment Certificate Program!  Registration is easy – just complete and submit the form below.  You may also consider giving a suggestion for an assessment workshop you think we should offer or volunteering to co-present an assessment workshop.

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Suggest a Workshop Topic

The purpose of the ACP is to support your work in the assessment of student learning and we would love to hear from you about the workshops that would be most helpful for you!  Please use the form below to submit a suggestion for a workshop topic.

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Volunteer to Present an Assessment Workshop

We would love to collaborate with you to present an assessment workshop on an area of your expertise that you think should be shared with our community.  Please use the form below to submit a request to present a workshop.

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